What you should expect for regular maintenance NOT covered by warranties on your car, truck, SUV or mini-vans

admin Auto Maintenance Mar.02.2017

We see all makes and models of vehicles, from the shiny brand new to the… well, let’s say those that seem to be held together with duct tape and baler twine. It may seem like common sense that if you keep up on your regular maintenance then your car should stay newer longer. Sadly, not everyone seems to know this. And as automobiles on the road are complicated machines we want to help take the guess work out of when you should be expecting some work to be done.

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Beware of What Dealers AREN’T Telling You When Your Vehicle is Still on Warranty.

admin Auto Repair Feb.08.2017

As an Automotive Repair Shop we come across some very interesting scenarios. One that seems to be presenting itself more and more is a new customer comes to us - since their vehicle has just come off its warranties - and they aren’t willing to pay dealer pricing for maintenance and  general service. So they bring their car in for a basic service package. With our service packages we always do an inspection. This is how we spot issues that could be hazardous or cause greater, more expensive repairs down the road.

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Why does it cost so much to fix my car/truck?

admin Auto Repair Jan.30.2017

Taking your car to a mechanical shop at times leaves people feeling like it was more then they expected. Too often we have the mentality that mechanics are just grease monkeys and not worth what is on the invoice. Or maybe there have been times when we know enough about how to fix a vehicle to be dangerous, which tends to lend a skewed view of what we think is involved and how much work the job “really” was. 

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