Its true, here are just a few things we do to leave the world a little greener

Our Calgary based shop not only can keep your car on the road, but we care about how we do it. You don't typically think that a mechanical shop would be environmentally savvy with the nature of the business. But we've tailored our shop practices to leave the least amount of footprint possible when servicing our customers and running our shop. Here are jut a few things we do to do our part in our efforts to not only care about your car but the world it drives in:

  1. We heat our shop with a Saturn heater that burns used oil based fluids vs disposing them as waste k- so if you have any used oil want to get rid of, we will take it. It helps keep us warm in the winter.

  2. We recycle all used tires through the Alberta Government's Recycling Program

  3. All used oil filters are also recycled

  4. Recycle all cardboard and any packaging with the City of Calgary Recycling Program

  5. And we even print on both side of our paper, doesn't seem like a big deal, but man it does make a big impact