Car Electrical System Diagnosis & Service Calgary SE & SW

Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

Today's vehicles are equipped with advanced electrical systems that are the backbone of a car's operation. Your vehicle's onboard computers and automotive sensors can only be diagnosed with the proper equipment and technical skill level. Todays advance automobiles are equipped with multiple computers, power windows, door locks, seats, mirrors, headlights, taillights, trailer lights, turn signals, interior lights and many more components that put a demand on your car's electrical system. Therefore, replacing and repairing electrical systems has become more difficult. Fear not - our team at Heritage Autopro in south Calgary will diagnose the problem promptly using state-of-the-art equipment and get your car's electrical problem fixed.

Our Automotive Electrical Services Include:
    •    Complete Automotive Charging System diagnostics and repair
    •    Battery Life Testing, with a wide selection of batteries available if needed
    •    Battery installation
    •    Starting system diagnostics, repair, and replacement
    •    Alternator replacement
    •    Power windows diagnostic and repair
    •    Power seats diagnostic and repair
    •    Power locks diagnostic and repair
    •    Vehicle Bulb replacement for headlights, taillights, dome lights, turn signal lights, and more
    •    Trailer light installation and repair
    •    Air bag system testing and repair
    •    Repairing and testing of anti-lock brake systems
    •    Repair of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)


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