Transmission Fluid Flush Service for Calgary SW & SE

Calgary Transmission Fluid Flush

What is normal maintenance?

Maintenance consists primarily of checking the transmission fluid quality, refilling if necessary and periodically having the transmission screen or filter cleaned or replaced. Consult your owner's manual for details.

Routine maintenance, such as transmission flush, can be performed by most service stations, repair shops or auto dealerships, and does not require a specialist.

What is an inspection service?
The inspection service includes such procedures as:

    •    Fluid Level Check
    •    Test Drive
    •    Manual Linkage Check
    •    Oil Pan Removal
    •    Band Adjustment, Screen Cleaning or Filter Replacement

The oil pan is usually removed and inspected for metal particles and friction material.

Tiny metal particles in the transmission pan do not necessarily indicate a problem. Even a moderate amount of metal particles is normal for most vehicles.

Maintenance is key, but if you are experience issues when your car shifts such as grinding or slipping, you can bring in you vehicle and our experts will make sure it’s fixed right. Give us a call or make an appointment request and we will keep you running or if you are experience problems take a look and only do what is necessary to make sure you are going to get where you need to go.


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