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Calgary Recreational Vehicle Tires

Your RV, whether that be your typical Motohome/trailer or even your off road machine's tires  are exposed to completely different loads and stresses that your typical vehcile does not experience. Your thinking to yourself, "Well my RV's tires last forever and rarely go bald or show signs of wear." The following recommendation applies to RV/Motorhome tires.

Tires are composed of various types of material and rubber compounds, having performance properties essential to the proper functioning of the tire itself. These component properties evolve over time. For each tire, this evolution depends upon many factors such as weather, storage conditions, and conditions of use (load, speed, inflation pressure, maintenance, etc.) to which the tire is subjected throughout its life. This service-related evolution varies widely so that accurately predicting the serviceable life of any specific tire in advance is not possible.

That is why, in addition to regular inspections and inflation pressure maintenance by consumers, it is recommended to have RV/Motorhome tires, including spare tires, inspected regularly by a qualified tire specialist,  who will assess the tire’s suitability for continued service. Tires that have been in use for 5 years or more should continue to be inspected by a specialist at least annually.

Regarding your off road vehicle, the rigours and stressed they are put through again is on a whole new level then your regular vehicles. Your tires are the only thing that connects you to the terraine you are on, which is why it's even more important then you may think to install the right product for the the type of application it will be sued for. At Heritage Autopro we are a mechanic shop that understand the importance of proper tire products and we'll work with you to discover what is best for you and your safety. Regardless if that is on your car, truck, RV or off road 4x4.


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