Charging System Diagnosis & Alternator Repair Calgary SE & SW

Charging System Diagnosis & Repair

Does your car or truck battery go dead? Do you have a charge or battery light on? Does your car not do anything when you turn the key? We can help!

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The starting and charging system is a critical part of your vehicle. Without a sufficiently charged battery, your car won’t start. If your alternator fails to provide enough electricity to run your vehicle’s systems, you could be left stranded.  At Heritage Autopro, we can test your battery, alternator and starter to ensure they are functioning properly. In addition, our certified technicians can run additional tests when necessary, on computer controlled charging systems, anti-theft systems and associated circuitry. After the diagnosis, we can repair your charging and starting system using OEM certified quality parts to ensure reliable service for the life of your vehicle.

Just a few of the many starting and charging services we offer:
    •    Starting & charging system diagnosis
    •    Battery replacement
    •    Starter replacement
    •    Alternator replacement
    •    Battery cable repair/replacement
    •    Anti-theft diagnosis/repair
    •    Wiring repair


Call 403-258-3030 or Request an Appointment Online Today