Air Bag Service Repairs For Calgary SE & SW

Air Bag Repair Service

Over the past several years, safety features in every type of vehicle have become increasingly advanced. Front and rear crumble zones have been improved, side impact protection has been incorporated and possibly one of the best and most important features, airbags have been added throughout the car. Air bags are not only for the driver and passenger anymore, in several of today’s vehicles you may find six or eight airbags throughout.  Some vehicles now have air bags in the headrests for rear passengers, an airbag in the sides of the front and rear seats or airbags in the framing on the side of car to ensure additional protection if the car is broadsided. Depending on the impact, the passengers in the vehicle could literally be surrounded by air bag pillows to protect them from injury.

All of these sound safety features, especially multiple air bags, not only provide the necessary safety for vehicle passengers, they also give the owners / drivers peace of mind when operating the vehicle and when family and friends are riding along. But to ensure that your multiple airbags work if you need them, it is important to pay attention to SRS (supplemental restraint system) indicator light. In most of today’s vehicles, when you first turn your car on, a diagnostic check is performed on several of the cars systems.  As each check is performed, the system warning light illuminates. Once the light goes off, you know the check has been performed and the system is operating correctly (assuming your auto diagnostics system is working correctly). However, if the any light remains on, it is important, especially for the safety of yourself and your passengers to have the system and airbags immediately checked.

Heritage AutoPro, trusted Calgary SE & SW auto shop, maintains, inspects and repairs air bag systems in most automobile brands. Our knowledgeable and experienced Calgary mechanics are equipped to trouble-shoot airbag lights to diagnose advanced automotive air bag electronic issues, and to perform any necessary airbag repairs.  We've been serving Calgary SE & SW for 20+ years so it’s no wonder that Calgary SE & SW vehicle owners trust us with their automotive safety and complex electrical air bag repairs.


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